Michel’le will be the latest singer to follow in Whitney Houston, Aaliyah and Toni Braxton’s footsteps by bringing her biopic to the Lifetime.


Deadline reports:

The film details the life of the singer, who was discovered at a young age by N.W.A’s Eazy-E and became a platinum artist on Ruthless Records. Dr. Dre’s girlfriend for more than a decade and later married to Suge Knight, Michel’le was there for N.W.A’s wild ride, with all of its dramatic ups and down. Finally, after years of silence, she is ready to reveal her side of the story…Curtis Hamilton will portray Dr. Dre. Additionally, R. Marcos Taylor, who starred as music executive Knight in Straight Outta Compton, will reprise his role in The Michel’le Story.

To be Dr. Dre’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child as well as Suge Knight‘s ex-wife, Michel’le will be able to tell her story since she was left out of the story line in the blockbuster film Straight Outta Compton.


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