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106 & Park

Bronx Supreme Court Judge Raymond Bruce isn’t thrilled with Alex Spiro.

The lawyer, who is supposed to be representing Bobby Shmurda in his felony perjury case, was MIA from a court hearing for the second time on Thursday.

“I called him, and he said he’s on vacation and then has a trial that starts in July,” Shmurda explained. But the judge wasn’t having it. “You need to let him know,” he told the rapper. “You pay his salary and if he wants to get paid, he needs to come here.”

Shmurda currently faces charges of lying during his court case, as well as possessing a knife in prison. According to Bossip, prosecutors say that Tiffany Rosseau, friend of the rapper, attempted to give him a “sharpened metal object” during a Rikers Island Jail visit last year. Rosseau ended up pleading guilty, but Shmurda still lied about the incident to a grand jury.

Shmurda also faces a century in prison for gang-related charges. His next hearing will be held next month. Hopefully his lawyer actually shows up.


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