If you thought Beyonce set social media off with her Super Bowl performance, just imagine if OutKast had hit that stage on Sunday.

According to Big Boi, the duo could have performed at halftime of the Big Game. During an interview on ESPN’s The Dan LeBatard Show, Big Boi said the reason they didn’t end up performing was because Andre 3000 didn’t want to split up his songs.

“We were supposed to perform at the Super Bowl,” Big Boi explained, “but we had two songs, ‘The Way You Move’ and ‘Hey Ya’ and Dre didn’t want to split the songs up. He didn’t want to cut the songs. He wanted to do both songs. They was like, ‘Y’all can’t do it.”

He said that he tried “a lot” to convince Andre, but he wouldn’t be moved, a decision that apparently still follows him.

“To this day, he’s like, his son tells him, ‘Dad, you should’ve performed at the Super Bowl,’” Big Boi revealed. “We look at it now, we laugh, but hopefully they’ll invite us back.”


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