Around the Games - Olympics: Day 7

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New developments about a bizarre incident that involved U.S. Olympic swimmers that claimed to be robbed at gun point.

News circled around the country about decorated American swimmers Ryan Lochte, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger were held up during the late hours in Brazil. That story has been refuted by Brazilian Police and seems that it was a fake.

Although Lochte arrived safely in the United States, three American teammates were blocked from leaving Rio de Janeiro by Brazilian authorities. After additional questioning, Lochte’s story of being robbed at gunpoint began to unravel.

An update from the Washington Post states that Conger and Bentz told police that the robbery story was fabricated. At his daily press briefing, IOC spokesman Mario Andrada had a different take on the situation. “Let’s give these kids a break,” he said. “They had fun. They made a mistake. Life goes on.”


Read more about this story from the Washington Post; click here.


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