Bay Area rap legend E-40 has always been all about his grind, and now he just added the new “E-40 Malt Liquor to its portfolio.

40 has already been killing it in the beverage game for awhile now, with his Earl Stevens Selections Wine and Sluricane ready to drink rum cocktail.

His latest foray into the world of alcohol comes in the form of both the traditional 40 ounce glass bottle and a 24 oz tall can, E-40 (legal name Earl Stevens) fancies his malt liquor with a touch of honey to be more of a “craft malt liquor.”

“Forget everything you think you know about malt liquor,” E-40 says. “If you were to do a blind taste test and you poured my beer next to a craft beer or two, nobody would know that mine was a malt liquor. They’d think that it’s a good craft beer…and it’s strong, too!”

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