Tupac Shakur Performance At The Palladium NYC

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The world honored Tupac on Tuesday on the 20th anniversary of the West Coast legend’s death, members from Tha Dogg Pound talked about Tupac’s legacy.

Speaking to TMZ’s Raq Rants, Daz and Kurupt explained “He changed our work ethic. I know that much. ‘Cause we used to make like one record a day. ‘Pac was like, ‘Man, y’all bulls*****n.’ This is that and that’s this, told us the value of studio time. Me and Daz started cranking out four records, five records a day.”

Even though work ethic is not something that is questioned in today’s rap game, there is plenty of criticism for new rappers, whose style is dubbed “mumble rap.” Daz Dillinger says that Tupac would call the new school rappers “corny” and Kurupt says he would have had a much stronger reaction.


Peep the interview of Tha Dogg Pound reflecting on Tupac’s legacy and addressing the new school rappers.

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