Nate Parker

Source: Xilla / GlobalGrind

After Fox Searchlight paid $17.5 million to distribute Nate Parker’s film, The Birth of a Nation, it’s safe to say they were expecting to get a return on that investment opening weekend.

While some don’t consider an estimated $7.1 million during opening weekend a success, the studio is happy with the debut, according to the LA Times.

“A ‘disappointment’ would’ve been if we came in with $5.8 million or $6.1 million,” said Frank Rodriguez, Fox Searchlight’s senior vice president of domestic distribution.

Some people feel the scruinty of of rape allegations leveled against its director and star, Nate Parker, has a lot to do with “questionable” opening weekend, even though he was acquitted of the charges, made in 1999 while he was a student at Penn State University.

Nevertheless, another positive that can be taken from opening weekend by the studio is that the film has received positive reviews from critics and viewers, which means most of those who did go to see it, actually liked it.

The Birth of Nation is a biopic about slave rebellion leader Nat Turner, who as a child, is taught to read so he can study the Bible, and be a preacher to fellow slaves. However, when Turner’s master takes him across the country on a preaching tour to profit from his preaching, Turner begins to see the scope of slavery, and decides to become a different leader. See the trailer below:


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