Chuck D

Source: Mick Gold / Getty

After hip hop artists and activists have been ranting about celebrities like Kanye West and Steve Harvey taking private meetings with President-elect Donald Trump, the iconic Public Enemy front man Chuck D chimes in, explaining Trump’s intentions are just another publicity stunt.

Of course it’s a publicity stunt,” Chuck D tells HipHopDX. “It’s like when [President Richard] Nixon had James Brown. Any person who is black or a person of color, he [Trump] is going to use it like the person is on his side and that’s not necessarily so. How we read the media has to be the answer.

While it’s unclear what exactly Harvey and Trump discussed during their talk, having a few people on the inside could prove to be beneficial in the long run, and Chuck doesn’t condemn Harvey for taking the meeting.

The whole world should meet up with him [Trump] to keep this dude from going solo psycho on the planet,” Chuck D tells DX. “I’m sure Steve Harvey is looking at him eye to eye and cheek to cheek, not on his knees. He’s stepping to him as a man, and expects him to be accountable and see what he’s doing for black folks. I wouldn’t step to him, but who’s to say Steve Harvey can’t?”

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