Faith Evans

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The album Faith Evans has promised fans will feature an amazing collection of emcees and singers for her upcoming duet album, The King & I, which will be released May 19th.

The 25-song collection will feature guest appearances from Lil’ Cease, 112, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Lil’ Kim, The LOX and more. In addition, Biggie’s mother, Voletta Wallace, narrates the project.

I remember telling Ms. Wallace years ago that one day it would be really dope if I could do something similar to Natalie & Nat King Cole’s ‘Unforgettable,’” said Evans via a press release. “Knowing the love that B.I.G. had for Tyanna & Ceejay, I feel it’s my duty to uphold & extend his legacy, especially his musical contributions. This project is my creative reflection of the love we had & the bond we will always have. I’m elated to share this musical journey with our fans!”

The King & I Track Listing

1. “A Billion”

2. “Legacy”

3. “Beautiful” (Interlude)

4. “Can’t Get Enough”

5. “Don’t Test Me”

6. “Big/Faye” (Interlude) feat. Jamal Woolard

7. “Tryna Get By”

8. “The Reason”

9. “I Don’t Want It” feat. Lil’ Cease

10. “I Got Married” (Interlude) feat. Mama Wallace

11. “Wife Commandments”

12. “We Just Clicked” (Interlude) feat. Mama Wallace

13. “A Little Romance”

14. “The Baddest” (Interlude)

15. “Fool for You”

16. “Crazy” (Interlude) feat. 112 & Mama Wallace

17. “Got Me Twisted”

18. “When We Party” feat. Snoop Dogg

19. “Somebody Knows” feat. Busta Rhymes

20. “Take Me There” feat. Sheek Louch & Styles P

21. “One In The Same”

22. “I Wish” (Interlude) feat. Kevin McCall & Chyna Tahjere

23. “Lovin You For Life” feat. Lil’ Kim

24. “NYC” feat. Jadakiss

25. “It Was Worth It”


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