Fitzgerald’s, a popular Houston music venue, is under fire after a respected music producer unveiled a racist e-mail he received from the owner, according to the Houston Press.

Fitzgerald’s flippantly responded to Brown’s boycott on Twitter and accused him of hypocrisy for supporting misogyny and racism in a separate e-mail, KTRK reports.

“I get insulted when men submit music to me that refers to women as b—— and hoes, just like you would get insulted if a white man sent you music calling black men racial slurs. Your music plays into all stereotypes…gangsters, drugs, women hating, racial slurs, etc.,” Fitzgerald wrote.

But after the social media backlash continued to snowball, Fitzgerald’s is now forced deal with the repercussions of what happens to businesses when their racism begins to show (google “Donald Sterling” for another telling example).

In an interview with the Houston Press, Sarah Fitzgerald said that maybe she’s too old to ascertain popular culture. In her defense, Fitzgerald used the age-old “But I like Black people” trope to point out how “woke” she really is.

“But for them to say I don’t like black music…I mean, I’ve probably had more black music in Fitzgerald’s than any white club in town,” she said. “I like music, and I like black music. I just don’t know how to deal with this type of music.”

SOURCE: Houston PressKTRK


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