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President Trump Holds A Listening Session With GOP Members

Source: Pool / Getty

President Donald Trump’s skin is apparently not as thick as he pretends it to be. In a seemingly random tweet, the commander-in-chief announced on Saturday that he will not be attending this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner in April, a traditional event for press and politicians.

The only president in history to miss the event is Nixon in 1972.

“The dinner, a major fundraiser for an organization that represents the free press covering the WH, will go on —and be a success, I’m sure,” said Jennifer Jacobs, a White House reporter for Bloomberg News.

“Is it the part where comedians make fun of the president?,” Dave Itzkoff, culture reporter for The New York Times said. “Or where they give out scholarships? It’s the scholarships, isn’t it.”

The announcement come the day after the White House barred left-leaning news outlets from attending a Sean Spicer-led press briefing. On Friday, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, BBC and Politico were asked to step aside as all the major broadcast networks and conservative pubs Breitbart News and The Washington Times.

Looks like Trump is being consistent about his disdain for free speech.


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