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Actor Don Cheadle Promoting Film Iron Man 3

Source: Colin McConnell / Getty

Actor Don Cheadle is going off about our current U.S. president and he seems to give zero cares if people are upset about it.

Following a debate on Twitter about Russia’s alleged ties with the Trump campaign, Cheadle was accused by a user of “Trump-hating way before treason.”

Cheadle’s response?

The actor tweeted, “Hated him since he asked my friend’s father at a Doral pro-am if he’d ever ‘f*cked a n*gger…’ Did it for me…”

Wait, what? Many users responded to Cheadle’s accusations in disbelief, so he went on to explain himself further.

Cheadle even graced us with great sarcasm when a user tried to convince him that there’s no proof that President Trump is racist outside his real estate endeavors.

Though Cheadle couldn’t be specific of when Trump’s racist question was asked, Cheadle tried to convince users in a final attempt.

I’m sure there’s people that still don’t believe Cheadle’s story, but whatever. One thing is clear and worth stating again – don’t come for Don Cheadle on Twitter. He has plenty of time to expose racism.

President Trump has yet to reply to Cheadle’s statements.



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