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The greatest story teller in hip hop has a story for the shorties.

Slick Rick’s 1988 classic,”Children’s Story,” tells the tale of an armed robbery, a police chase, a pregnant woman being held hostage, a drug addict, and ends with a young kid being shot by police. The hip-hop classic is filled with so much action it’s being turned into a children’s book.

The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick – Children’s book will be released on April 22 for Record Store Day, and is a joint collaboration between Get on Down and Def Jam. The book comes with a vinyl copy of “Children’s Story” that also includes “The Moment I Feared,” along with a CD copy of the full album, The Great Adventures of Slick Rick. 

The book itself is eighteen pages long and includes images of Slick Rick as he tells the story of the young boy who was “misled by another.” More about the children’s book visit Get on Down.

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