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Trevor Live: An Evening Benefiting The Trevor Project

Source: Stephen Lovekin / Getty

Don Lemon has the attitude of a rapper these days — doing what he wants, when he wants and clapping back at anyone that wants problems with him.

The latest victim to be dragged by OG Don is Fox News host Bill O’Reilly who accused the CNN anchor of refusing to cover allegations that former Obama official Susan Rice improperly “unmasked” Trump aides. On Tuesday, Lemon took to Twitter to deny the claims and take a jab at his nemesis, tweeting:

The CNN host did in fact cover the allegations against Rice, and let it be known on his show Tuesday night, saying, “Normally I wouldn’t address this, but he has a lot of followers and people are believing alternative facts now.” After playing several clips of panelists talking about Rice having unmasked members of Trump’s team, Lemon added, “So, Bill, we have covered the Susan E. Rice story, we did it for a long time on this program last night, and tonight we’re going to cover it again.”

Twitter was here for all the political shade being thrown — especially since it was being sent O’Reilly’s way:

So, who won the political correspondent beef? The internet has spoken.

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