Eminem In '8 Mile'

Source: Archive Photos / Getty

Fifteen years after the release of the motion picture 8 Mile, followers of the Detriot rap star have the chance of a lifetime opportunity to buy real-life memorabilia.

The city of Eastpointe is selling its old street signs including a dozen and a half marking 8 Mile Road. According to the Detroit Metro Times, Eastpointe is replacing its street signs with newer ones. For $25 people can buy an 8 Mile sign 24 inches wide by 6 inches tall.

Steve Duchane, Eastpointe’s city manager said the 15-year anniversary has drawn a lot of interest to the sale.

“This has blown up big,” he said. “People were lined up at City Hall on a Monday. They were there to get their signs before everyone else could.”

Duchane said some buyers want to auction the signs for charity while others expect to sell them for much more than what the city is asking. The iconic 8 Mile Road, made famous thanks to Eminem, divides the town from its southern neighbor Detroit. The movie was a culture-changing mega-hit and, in 2003, won Shady an Academy Award for “Lose Yourself.”

The money Eastpointe gets from the sales will go to the city’s Street Maintenance fund to offset the cost of new street and municipal signage throughout the city. Signs are available for purchase at the Treasury Department at Eastpointe City Hall between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Signs are $5 for local streets, $15 for major streets and $25 for 8 Mile.

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