12th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival Finale Concert

Source: Noam Galai / Getty

Queensbridge legend Nas has a new album in store for fans to bump before the year is out.

In an interview with Billboard, Nas confirmed that he’s wrapping up his 12th album in his Empire State Building recording studio.

As for the new record, details were sparse. While Nas answered “for sure” when asked if the album would see a 2017 release, he also added that “it’s not done until it hits the streets,” and that we won’t have an album title until the release date. CEO of media company Mass Appeal Peter Bittenbender also detailed a project documenting Nas’ Illmatic anniversary performance with the National Symphony Orchestra that was recorded three years ago.

We don’t know when to put it out but we had to capture this moment,” he said. “Recently, we brought it back and they mixed the full Illmatic with the orchestra guy back in the studio. That was the first project [we worked on here]. We had to make sure whatever project we touched first came from Nas obviously.”

A new song from Nas called “Angel Dust” premiered. Listen to it below.

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