'Power' Season 3 New York Premiere

Source: Desiree Navarro / Getty

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson stays a busy man with a new project set for the small screens.

His G-Unit Film & Television company will executive-produce a new drama, The Oath (it’s the current working title), a 10-part series that delves into a unique gang, within the police force.

Written by former Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Halpin, who will supposedly bring a real-life perspective to the drama, one that “centers on a gang that started out with the right intentions, but its members are forced to turn on each other after being picked off by the FBI,” according to Deadline.

The Oath will be streamed on Crackle.

No word on whether 50, who also executive-produces and stars as Kanan in the popular Starz show Power, will be in front of the camera as well for the next season.

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