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Rapper T.I. has been talking about retirement since at least 2012, and he seems to be moving closer toward making his transition out of rap music. According to an interview, he revealed his plans on recording three more albums, and he would be done as a rapper, for good.

The Atlanta rap star, who has recorded nine albums over the course of his career, revealed the titles of his next three releases before he hangs up his microphone. T.I.’s 10th album will be called Trap Music, his 11th album will be titled Dope Boy Meets Girl and his 12th, and final release will be called Kill the King.

According to an interviews, T.I. has mentioned his transition out of rap, most likely to focus more on his acting endeavors.

T.I. recently landed the role of “Marcus” in Tom Clancy’s TV movie “Ghost Recon Wildlands: War Within the Cartel” and he will star in William H Macy’s movie “Krystal,” where he plays a character named “Willie.”

T.I. arrives in Indianapolis at the Vogue Wednesday and Thursday, May 17th and 18th.


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