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Have you seen this? The internet is losing it after an epic picture of The Notorious B.I.G. with Kurt Cobain kicking it together, but the bad news is… its a complete fake.

As cool as it is to imagine these the two mid-1990s icons posted up together, the would-be legendary photo is just a decent Photoshop job. When asked about whether the photo was real, Nirvana member Krist Novoselić simply continued the momentum of the rumor, claiming the pack of cigarettes-clasping hands in the photo belonged to Tupac Shakur. Of course, this was simply a joke. points out, one Twitter user revealed the original photo of Cobain, and in the picture, we can clearly see that Biggie isn’t present, and the guy with the pack of smokes is actually guitarist and Germs member Pat Smear instead of Tupac. Click on the Twitter link to view the original.

It’s a shame the picture’s fake, because it’s pretty sick.

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