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Three 6 Mafia‘s DJ Paul lost his cool and made a statement during a show that even shocked some of his own crew.

DJ Paul exploded in an angry rant during 901 Fest in his hometown of Memphis. According to the TMZ report, Paul was frustrated at the sound problems on stage and vocalized his anger on the microphone, in a tirade that reportedly even shocked some of his own crew.

In the video, you hear DJ Paul’s anger turn into what seemed to be a threat. “See what I’ma do tonight…what I’ma do tonight I’ma ride past some muthaf—a’s houses and I’m going to shoot some muthaf—a’s houses up tonight,” he can be heard yelling onstage.

“Don’t f—ing play with me, n—-,” he added.

Some of DJ Paul’s entourage reportedly tried to calm him down on stage, but a witness claimed that he went into the crowd to find the sound guy.

In the footage above, you can see the sound and the lights being cut, as the crowd and everyone onstage reacted.




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