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Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat

Source: Issac Baldizon / Getty

Chris Bosh has been stuck at an odd crossroads. He’s an 11-time All-Star and, at age 33, still has plenty of ability. This NBA Finals is loaded with talent, but put him on either team today and he’d likely still be a major factor in the series.

But since the 2016 All-Star Weekend, due to a scary blood clot condition in his leg, doctors have ruled Bosh unfit to play in the NBA. Bosh failed a preseason physical. He insists he’s OK and has remained determined to get back on the court.

His plans to return took a big hit Friday. Bosh was reviewed by a “Fitness to Play” panel from the NBA and the players’ union, and the panel deemed he has a career-ending illness. This matches what Heat doctors have been saying all along.

This allows the Miami Heat to waive Bosh of the two years and $52 million remaining on his contract. This will give the Heat about $37 million in salary cap space.

This doesn’t definitively mean Bosh will never play in the NBA again, but it seems very unlikely. He will need to wait for nine months, convince a team to sign him, and then be approved by the same Fitness to Play panel that just deemed him unable to compete.

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