Ice Cube Visits fuse Studios

Source: Neilson Barnard / Getty

Comedian and Host Bill Maher and his usage of the N-word on his HBO series this past week, has grabbed headlines nationwide and he will be confronted about it.

According to TMZ, Ice Cube was booked to be a guest on Real Time With Bill Maher before the controversy, the West Coast veteran has decided to go ahead and appear on the talk show.

He will reportedly discuss the comedian’s usage of the word directly on the show. Bill Maher stirred controversy using the term “house n*****” as a joke in his show last week. The segment caused many celebrities to speak out on the matter, including Killer Mike.

He explained later that he would have punched Maher in the stomach if the comedian used the word around him in person and smoked a joint with him after. See the interview below with TMZ.

Also scheduled to appear is author Michael Eric Dyson to replace Senator Al Franken, who decided not to appear on this week’s show.


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