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Lil Wayne

Source: Getty / Getty

Lil Wayne has 99 lawsuits floating around, and just collected another one.

On Friday, a civil rights lawsuit was filed against the rapper, accusing him of a racially motivated hate crime outside of a Hollywood nightclub last year. According to TMZ, in June 2016, a White bouncer name Andrew Nunemacher claims he was working the front door at Hyde nightclub on the Sunset Strip. Weezy and his crew showed up for a BET Music Awards after-party and ish got real.

Court documents reveal that Nunemacher felt physically threatened but was trying to do his job controlling entry into the club when the rapper punched him with a closed fist and knocked him to the ground. The bouncer was certain that this was a hate crime after Wayne threw a glass filled with alcohol in his face and yelled, “F*** you, white boy!”

Although Lil Wayne’s team is denying that he laid hands on Nunemacher, he’s suing Weezy, his label and the club for damages, assault and battery. He also wants a $25,000 civil penalty added on to his damages for the hate crime. Ironically, Lil Wayne set the Internet on fire around the same time last year with his controversial comments about the Black Lives Matter movement.

The rapper has yet to comment on the suit.

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