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Trial Begins For Bill Cosby

Source: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty

Keshia Knight Pulliam has been supportive of Bill Cosby throughout his trial, and she spoke to Today about that support, saying that she was simply acting on the Golden Rule.

“At the end of the day I truly believe you’re innocent until proven guilty, and that’s just not the man that I ever experienced,” Pulliam told Today on Wednesday. “I just thought about it, how would I want to be treated if God forbid I was in that situation?”

The former “Cosby Show” star went on to say that she had gone with Cosby to the courthouse recently during his trial as a friend.

“It’s easy to be there for someone when things are good, when business is good, when money is good, when all of these things (are good),” she said. “I just felt like I wanted to do what I would have wanted to receive.”

“My interactions with him, he’s been in good spirits,” she added. “I was grateful to see his spirit hadn’t been broken as a result of this process because it’s arduous. There’s nothing happy, there’s nothing good about it for either side.”

SOURCE: EURweb.com

Article Courtesy of EURweb

Picture Courtesy of Gilbert Carrasquillo and Getty Images

Video Courtesy of YouTube, The Today Show, NBC, and EURweb

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