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The Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez On Me is finally in theaters, and it’s already meeting some major criticism.

50 Cent gave his review of the film on Instagram after he saw it recently, and he thinks it’s utter trash.

Fifty also wrote on IG. “I just want you to keep me in mind when you watch that shit. Straight out of Compton was good. That was a bad movie man, 2PAC is suppose to be a classic they they f****d it up. John Singleton said it was wack, I had to see it for my self. Go check it out you gonna be mad as a m**********r. I want my money back now!!! Some of yal think I’m hating. SMH nah go see it. When you walk out of ther m**********r like this you gonna learn to listen to me.”

Despite his poor review of the film, we’re sure Tupac and hip-hop fans will still be going to see it this weekend, being that the anticipation surrounding the movie has been extremely high.

Both Diddy and Suge Knight have reportedly approved of the movie, clearing the portrayal of their characters in the motion picture.

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