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US President Bill Clinton listens during ceremonie


Nothing says Happy Father’s Day like having your alleged illegitimate son shout you out on Twitter. Bill Clinton got this type of recognition when the man claiming to be his son, Danny Williams, posted:

Y'all remember #DanneyWilliams!? He wishes #BillClinton a Happy Father's Day 👀

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Ouch! We knew Father’s Day could bring up mixed emotions for fatherless kids, but this tweet takes the cake for daddy insults.

According to Inside Edition, Williams has been claiming Bill Clinton is his father for years. The Arkansas man, who is also a father of five, is allegedly the product of Clinton and a former sex worker, Bobbie Ann Williams. Bobbie claims her and Clinton had sex 13 times. Her son has been on a mission to prove Clinton is his father, even asking for Monica Lewinsky‘s infamous blue dress to get a sample of Clinton’s semen.

Star magazine allegedly got a DNA test back in 1999 that showed Clinton is not Williams’ father, but the 30-year-old is not buying it. “He is my dad. It’s not that I’ll have an adverse reaction. I know he is,” Williams said. “I promised my kids they could meet him one day. I would want them to know their grandfather. They have to know he’s a part of our lives.”

Williams’ campaign continues.

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