UK - Jay-z Performs

Source: Rune Hellestad – Corbis / Getty

JAY-Z’s 4:44 has been out for almost a week now and a lot of people have already been ranking it as one of his top 3 albums he’s ever released.

On the day Jay Z released 4:44Rolling Stone caught up with the album’s producer No I.D. to talk about the creation of the album. At the time, No I.D. said, “There’s three more songs that are coming out as bonuses. James Blake came in and joined into the process. There’s more coming shortly that’s equally revealing.

Those three songs will be featured on the physical release of 4:44 that hits stores today and will be available on iTunes after the 7 days of TIDAL exclusivity ends. As well as the original 10 songs, there is ‘Adnis‘, ‘Blue’s Freestyle / We Family’ and ‘MaNyfaCedGod‘ which features James Blake.

Universal Music posted the full tracklist to its website earlier this week, revealing 4:44 is in fact a 13-track effort.


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