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If Donald Trump can do it, why can’t Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

The Rock has joked about running for president for months now, even saying that Tom Hanks would be on his ticket. Well some fans took his words to heart and formed a committee to formally file paper work to draft the actor for president.

A freelance writer based in West Virginia named Kenton Tilford is the head of the organization working to bring Johnson to the White House. The Twitter account for the campaign committee describes the organization as “a grassroots movement to send the People’s Champion to the White House in 2020. #MakeAmericaRockAgain.”

Tilford says, “I don’t have any relationship with Dwayne Johnson. The amazing enthusiasm and energy on the ground for Mr. Johnson prompted me to create the organization. The hope is that Mr. Johnson will see how much America desires the real leadership only he can provide and jumps in the race.”

I think we can definitely get behind this campaign. Can we bring back “Rock The Vote”.

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