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Source: Splash / Splash News

We know that ladies love Drake, but apparently so do home invaders.

On Thursday, a man was arrested for trespassing on the rapper’s Hidden Hills property after being caught hiking in Drizzy’s backyard. According to TMZ, a security guard patrolling the site and noticed the guy before ordering him to leave. The intruder reportedly became aggressive and the guard proceeded to call the cops.

Police arrived to the scene quickly and arrested the man, who told cops he came by to meet the rapper. The intruder also revealed that he found Drake’s house after looking up the address on a blog. The unidentified man was arrested and charged with trespassing. Luckily, he wasn’t armed or (extremely) dangerous. Drake wasn’t home at the time, since his home is undergoing extensive renovations.

But this isn’t the first time someone tried to meet the 6 God personally at his home. Back in April, a woman broke into his home and stole a slew of drinks, including Fiji Water and Sprite. She was definitely thirsty to meet Drizzy.

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