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2009 VH1 Hip Hop Honors - Arrivals

Source: Jason Kempin / Getty

DMX has a lot going on right now in his life, but that didn’t stop him from taking the stage at the Brooklyn Hip Hop festival over the weekend.

Last week, the rap legend turned himself into prison after being indicted on multiple tax evasion charges for hiding millions of dollars from the IRS over the years. It’s not unusual for the X man to get into preacher mode during a show, but this time around, it felt a bit more personal to him.  The rapper, who took the stage just a day after being released on bail, said to the crowd, “I’m not a motherf***ing role model. I’m not a role model. But, you can count on me for the truth. I put my life on that. Whenever I go through something, it brought me closer to God. And I stay into something, so I’m closer to God.”

As we previously reported, X is being accused of concealing his income for several years and is now about $1.7 million in the red to the IRS. The FEDs believe that the rapper avoided using personal bank accounts and used accounts of surrogates, including business managers, and lived mostly on cash. If convicted on all 14 counts, DMX is looking at 44 years in prison.

Check out the video above.

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