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Chris Jones

Mississippi State’s Chris Jones had a major wardrobe malfunction at the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine this past weekend. Like hundreds of NFL hopefuls, the Mississippi State defensive lineman participated in the nationally-televised event, but his participation in the Combine was uniquely special.

Chris ran the 40-yard dash in 5.04 seconds, but his breakout moment came toward the end of his sprint, when his penis literally popped out of his shorts. Toward the end of his run, you see the 310-pound lineman slide to the ground to adjust himself.

From the side angle you can’t really see what he’s doing, but front cameras caught all the action.

Thanks to slow motion, you can see Chris’ man parts fly out of his shorts right before he crashes into the ground. Commentators were a little confused about what happened, but Chris hopped up with a smile on his face and everything was back to normal.

The Cleveland Browns have reportedly met with the college baller, so hopefully we’ll be seeing him in the NFL soon.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images, Twitter

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