New Era Cap Hosts DJ Dallas Green And Bun B Performance At New Era Cap's Toronto Flagship

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After the latest headlines in Charlottesville, the tension between people and race seems to be at an all-time high.

A video has surfaced on Instagram that shows Bun-B confronting a hater in street. The Texas legend checked a man who (allegedly) threw a middle finger up at him. To be clear, we didn’t witness the disrespect shown to Bun, but a video clip of the incident, shows Bun-B directly approached a caucasian man who was standing on the other side of what looks to be a city square.

He leans in and gets close to the man’s ear, who is oblivious to B’s approaching him because he’s doing something on a smartphone, and says “I’ll f**k you up.” That sets off a pretty intense reaction from both parties, with other men stepping in to try and separate them, but the U.G.K. emcee wasn’t having none of it. See the video below.

Bun continued to argue his point at the unidentified man for supposedly making racist remarks, though it’s not clear what those are, since they weren’t captured on tape. Although the alleged racist was wearing a “Trump 2016” T-shirt, which bears the slogan of “Make America Great Again”.

With all of the racially-charged hate crimes that have been in the news in recent months, many of which being further magnified by the White House’s perceived carelessness in its responses, it’s another in a long line of public figures who continue to stand up against hateful speech in a very public way.

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