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The opening day of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Chuck D and Flavor Flav are in the throes of a serious court battle, even though the legendary rap group faces a series of upcoming scheduled shows.

It all began after Flavor Flav filed a lawsuit against his Public Enemy and several P.E. producers, alleging he was swindled out of paid royalties for past songs and merchandise. In the suit obtained by TMZ, Flav says he hasn’t seen a royalty check in years and claims that Chuck is still getting paid.

“Flav HAS HIS rights, but took a wrong road on this,” Chuck D said to TMZ. The rapper claims Flav is upset about a third-party merchandiser and the ways of the current record business.

But Chuck D says the two will still go on to do live shows, even though his partner of over 30 years is suing him. That’s if Flav decides to show up.

Chuck also stated that the two have had beef in the past, but were able to get past it. Right now Chuck’s main concern is making sure Flav stays “woke in rehearsal studio and paying attention to the work we and all the members do worldwide.”

Hopefully the two will patch things up.



He Tried It! Flavor Flav Arrested Again On Several Charges

Flavor Flav Faces Assault & Child Endangerment Charges


ARTICLE FROM: HelloBeautiful.com

Article Courtesy of TMZ, 93.1 WZAK-FM Cleveland, and HelloBeautiful

Picture Courtesy of The Washington Post, Getty Images, and HelloBeautiful

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