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Quantasia Sharpton is back in the spotlight after revealing she filmed a sex tape with R&B superstar Usher, who she previously accused of exposing her to the Herpes virus.

During an interview with YouTube vlogger, Miss Jacob Kohinoor, Sharpton spills some juicy details claiming that she taped their alleged 2014 encounter at a Days Inn hotel in Atlantic City.

Sharpton also tells Kohinoor that Usher knew he was being filmed. On top of all of that information, Sharpton shares that her lawyer Lisa Bloom is working to secure hotel surveillance video, placing Usher at the scene.

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“I have things in my phone that date back all the way to 2013. I keep everything in my phone. I don’t delete nothing,” Sharpton said when asked about the tape.

Sharpton first came forward in August, with the explosive allegations that Usher exposed her to the virus. After testing for Herpes, she revealed the results came back negative. She claimed the ordeal caused her emotional trauma and wants Usher to pay for what he did, with a stint in jail.

Usher has repeatedly denied Sharpton’s accusations as the situation continues to unfold.



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