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Kyrie Irving doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him, especially as it pertains to his career in the NBA.

The new Boston Celtic sat for an interview on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ and was completely dumbfounded when Stephen A. Smith asked whether or not he’d informed former teammate LeBron James that he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kyrie, initially uninterested in the conversation, ended up making it clear he felt he owed James no explanation.

When asked if he cared whether anyone took his move to Boston personally, Irving smiled and responded “No.” He then went on to explain that his own opinion was the only one that mattered. “I think that we’re forgetting one important thing,” he began. “I don’t think that you owe anything to another person in terms of figuring out what you want to do with your life.”

“I have nothing but love for Cleveland,” he continued. “I want to be extremely, extremely happy in perfecting my craft and that was the only intent that I have in all of this,” he insists. Click here to watch Irving tell Smith he’s got no time for anyone or their personal feelings.

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