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A middle school assistant football coach in New Mexico says he’s out of a job for telling players to stop using the n-word, KRQE-TV reports.

Thomas Davis, the ex-assistant Mesa Middle School coach, told the news outlet that he confronted the students about calling each other the racial epithet during and after a recent game. What came next led to his termination.

“I did what I’ve been trained to do, corral the incident,” said Davis, who is Black. “If you’re not head in charge you take it to the people in charge and let them handle it and that’s exactly what I did.”

However, Davis stated that the head coach, Gabriel Flores, told him that it wasn’t his job to discipline the students about that.

KRQE said the discussion ended in a “scuffle” between the two men, and the head coach called the police.

Davis noted that his players did not call opponents or African-American players the n-word. He confronted them several times about casually throwing around the offensive word.

The news outlet said the Roswell Independent School District as been silent about the situation. School officials failed to respond to requests for a comment. The district is no stranger to controversies surround the racial slur.

KOB-TV reported that the school district came under fire earlier this year when a Roswell High School student complained about the n-word appearing on a final exam.



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